LS Traffic Control, Inc.

Traffic Control Services

LS Traffic Control, Inc. is a full-service traffic control and work zone safety company servicing Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.


LS Traffic Control, Inc. offers a wide range of traffic control flagging services for the safe passage of people and vehicles around work sites critical to the safety of the work crew and motoring public. From simple one-lane flagging operations, to interstate closures, our highly trained traffic control personnel arrive at the work site fully equipped to set up safe, compliant work zones. We are an industry leader in providing a safe and professional flagging service. Experience the difference and keep your crew safe in the right of way. LS Traffic Control, Inc. will also procure local law enforcement when necessary and provide a temporary traffic control plan.

Whether the need is road repair, construction site, or a special event that requires a work area in an open travel lane, a closure of some type is usually required. Using trained, safety-driven professionals, we are prepared to handle:

  • Shoulder closures
  • Single closures
  • Multi-lane closures
  • Intersection closures


All of LS Traffic Control, Inc.’s traffic control drawings are engineered to be site specific showing all current conditions, drawn to scale, and in accordance with the most recent federal and state guidelines, and the requirements of the responsible agency. LS Traffic Control, Inc. is committed to using all new and available technology to produce a custom traffic control drawing in the safest and most efficient manner possible to assist with completing your project  on-time and on budget.


Do not let the challenges of traffic control restrict your important day. Call LS Traffic Control, Inc. and we will take the entire traffic control burden from you. We will provide any necessary signage, develop an efficient plan for entering and exiting to the event, ensure the proper number of trained professionals to safely control traffic, and coordinate the entire effort with authorities. 

LS Traffic Control, Inc. provides temporary traffic control services and equipment for:

  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • High-traffic public events
  • Festivals / Fairs
  • Races (5K, 10K, and marathons)
  • Cyclists events
  • And many others!
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